What are Balms, Whipped Butters, Scrubs, and Bath Salts?

  • Balms are a heavy duty moisturizer. They are made up of oils, butters and beeswax. They lack water, unlike lotions. Because they lack water they have a greasier feel than lotion but the result is that they’re a much better and longer lasting moisturizer than lotion.
  • The purpose of a body scrub is to remove the damaged and dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin and to moisturize afterwards. Granules in a body scrub can unclog dirt from the skin. Body scrubs also help tighten and tone the skin which in turn helps prevent dirt from invading the pores. There are many different types of scrubs: body, facial, foot…sugar, salt, coffee, pumice…you can create all different types of scrubs and target them to do different jobs.
  • Butters are similar to balms. The main difference is butters lack beeswax and are whipped. Whipping the butter adds air (and hence volume) to them making them light in consistency. Butters, like balms, lack water. Because they lack water they have a greasier feel than lotion, but the result is that they’re a much better and longer lasting moisturizer than lotion.
  • Bath salts are just that: salts that you put into your bath. Bath salts are great for a little bit of pampering and many salts have the added benefit of having therapeutic qualities. Bath salts are claimed to have some of these benefits: stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, help relieve stiffness in joints, aid with arthritis or back pain, and soothe achy and overworked muscles.

Handout: This is a comprehensive handout on balms, scrubs, butters, and bath salts. It explains what these products are and why they're good for the skin. It introduces the ingredients you use in them and explains why you use them. The set includes multiple recipes for each product as well as step by step instructions (with pictures) for making them.

BONUS: Included with this handout is a separate handout on Oil Properties! Get an overview about oils and their fatty acid breakdowns plus sixteen of the most common oils and butters are broken down individually to give you their fatty acid make up and explain the different properties they bring to soap and bath products.


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