Cold Process Soap Wedding Favors ~ Shower Favors ~ Baby Shower Favors

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Fragrance oil, Colorant

Time Frame: Requires 4-6 weeks to complete (depending on size of order)

Color/Fragrance Options: for the two color swirled the standard soaps are white and one other color. From experience, Jennifer has learned that this presents the most striking soap. For the solid soaps, you can choose from a variety of stamps Jennifer has.

Standard color options:

    • Light pink
    • Dark pink
    • Light green
    • Dark green
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Teal
    • Purple
    • Orange

Packaging/Labeling: All soaps are individually wrapped in an organza bag and come with a custom label that includes the name of the event (eg: Nicole’s Shower) and the date of the event. Jennifer will email you after you order to discuss design options.

Jennifer offers two levels of soap favors.

Tier 1: Two Color Swirl and Solid Color with a mica stamp on the front of soap

    • 49 or fewer: 2.25 oz - $3.00 each
    • 50 – 149: 2.25 oz - $2.75 each
    • 150+: 2.25 oz - $2.65 each

Tier 2: Tiger Swirl and Heart Embed

    • 49 or fewer: 2.25 oz - $3.25 each
    • 50 – 149: 2.25 oz - $3.00 each
    • 150+: 2.25 oz - $2.85 each

Samples fragrance packs are available for $4.00 plus shipping. Sample packs will include a small ½ ounce soap sample of each fragrance option and one "test" color.

If you are interested in purchasing favors you may do so here. If you have any questions or custom requests please contact Jennifer at: to discuss your order. Work will not begin on any favor order until full payment has been received. All processing times are from date of payment.

Full size bars are available in fancier designs. If you are interested in these please contact Jennifer to discuss design options and pricing.