Collage of Bath Soaps

"I have been using Jennifer’s soaps for several years now. They are just amazing. I love the way her soaps make my skin feel, they last much longer than store bought soap, the fragrance is wonderful and they lathers all the way to the end of the bar. My favorite soaps are Clove Bud & Orange, Sandalwood and Basil Sage Mint for the kitchen. Foot Fizzies are my new favorite pampering. What a wonderful treat after a long day at work and the Spearmint and Eucalyptus fragrance is so relaxing. I must say I was a little skeptical about the Muscle Soothe Salve but after a weekend painting at the church I am a believer. I was on the ladder for several hours each day cutting in all the trim work. I used the salve each night and had no sore muscles the next morning. (And I’m not a spring chick anymore.) The bottom line is Jennifer has a great product that has been made with care and attention to detail. I highly recommend her products. You won’t be disappointed." -- Mary, Springville, Alabama.

"I am a first time customer of Jennifer's and I will for sure be a client for life. I bought a diverse variety, about 15 different bars, of the soaps and just off of the enchanting aromas alone it was worth every single dime spent. To take it a step further, Ms. Jennifer threw in samples and left a handwritten personal thank you note on the receipt without prior contact! Ms. Jennifer, your product is amazing and I will definitely be telling other gentlemen about the gift idea for their significant others. As far as me and my wife go, we spend a good $8 per bar of soap at the grocery store because we can feel the difference in quality from your so called popular "name brands". We will be ordering directly from you from now on, for it is definitely worth it. Thank you Ms. Jennifer!!!" -- Garrick Goodwin, Oklahoma

"A longstanding customer of Jennifer's Handmade Soap, I began using her products after winning some in a promotion. Never one for being seduced by marketing tactics, I fell in love with her products immediately. They make great gifts, smell wonderful, and are made with the best ingredients- all clearly marked. My daughter, with a rare skin disorder, is even able to use her products, especially the lip balm for chapped skin, especially. I highly recommend giving her products a try!" -- Chelle McIntyre-Brewer, Jefferson, MD

"I ordered three Easter Egg Basket gift sets last spring--one each for my mom, my aunt, and me. They were beautiful! And carefully packaged to protect the ceramic baskets. They were shipped promptly, and my mom and my aunt were thrilled at the gifts." --Tracy, Iowa, USA

"I wanted to tell you how much I love your sugar scrubs. I have eczema that is pretty bad, but it was brutal during my first pregnancy. I just had my second son and your scrubs seriously got me through this pregnancy without me having to tear my skin apart!!! I honestly didn't have one bad outbreak of eczema the whole pregnancy, and I was pregnant during the winter this time. This will be a regular part of my routine. Thanks so much for such a great product!' -- Jaclyn, Woodbridge, Canada

"I can't believe how long these last, as compared to the Dove bars I used to use. I love the Dove soap, but with any commercial soap, I find that the actual lather does not last to the end. It gets so that you have a small pastel of soap that you can scrub like the dickens with and get no bubbles. Yours lasts right until it vanishes in your hands in the shower!! Never seen that happen before! Brava!" -- Joanne from Ontario, Canada

"I like baths anyway, but these bath bombs just take it to a whole different level. I never would have though a 2" sphere could pack enough punch for 40 gallons of bath water, but I drop one in, watch it fizz and spin for a couple minutes and suddenly my whole bathroom smells amazing. Soaking in the tub I can feel the Shea butter and oils, and when I get out my skin just feels amazing. I'm even more addicted to baths now than I was before!"  -- Audry, North Carolina, USA

"Jennifer, your Tangerine Moisturizing Bar is great, even for a man! I've been using it for a while now for both showering and shaving and it leaves my face less dry and irritated than high-end shaving cream. Makes my life a lot simpler. Thanks!" -- Jeff from Matthews, NC