Bubbles & Numbers: A Guide to Calculating Lye, Percentages, and Discounts

Can you calculate a recipe by hand or do you rely on a lye calculator?  Lye calculators have made formulating and calculating a recipe easy.  It definitely saves us time.  And assuming we enter the information correctly it’s usually error free! However, a soap maker gains a better understanding of SAP values, lye strength, superfats, and water discounts when they learn to calculate recipes from scratch.

This class will teach students how to take a recipe and calculate every aspect required to make a successful batch of soap.  It will go over:

  • Saponification Values
  • Determining Lye Amounts
  • Converting KOH to NaOH (and vice versa)
  • Calculating Water
  • Lye Discounts / Superfat
  • Lye Solution Strengths (Water Amount)
  • Calculating using percentages to formulate


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