These standing gnome extruder discs come in two options: Large and Mini.  The Large gnome contains three 57mm discs and three 23mm or 18mm discs (please pick based off the size discs that will fit your smaller extruder.)  The mini gnome comes in either the 23mm or 24mm. They contain six discs. Note: The Jerky gun is not needed to create the mini gnomes. 

Video: How to Assemble the Gnome

Size Options:

  • Large Sitting Gnome 57mm Discs w/ 23mm Small Pieces
  • Large Sitting Gnome 57mm Discs w/ 18mm Small Pieces
  • Mini Sitting Gnome 23mm Discs
  • Mini Sitting Gnome 24mm Discs

If you're new to soap extruders check out this video on how to use a soap (clay) extruder with soap dough.  There are two different size extruders.  The Makin brand which holds the 18mm size disc and the Fimo brand which works with the 23mm size discs.  There are other/knock off brands to Makin.  Note: I've tried a number and most work pretty well, though they sometimes have some minor issues.  If you wanted to try one of them instead of Makin they should work just as well.

For best results use a soap dough that is not overly stick or hard.  You want a soft and malleable soap dough so that it easily extrudes through the soap extruder.

Where to Buy Extruder Brands:

Check out these videos for more information:

    Shipping Times

    The extruder discs are printed on demand item. When your order comes in, it will be placed in the print queue and processed in that order.  If you need these discs right away please inquire as to current lead times, so you know if I can meet your time needs.

    Also, please note that my store is currently only set up to ship within the USA.  If you are outside of the states, but would like to order please email me @ info@jennifersoap.com with what you'd like and your location and I can put together a shipping quote for you.

    Care for you extruder discs

    These discs are 3D printed and are made from PLA, which is not plastic, but a thermoplastic polyester made from fermented plant starch using renewable resources. PLA is biodegradable & environmentally friendly. Read more about PLA here!

    The extruders discs do not deal well with heat. Do not wash in a dishwasher. Use cool to lukewarm water to clean your discs. Avoid soaking in water for best longevity of your discs.

    Qty available: 195 SKU: ED066a
    Gnome Standing Extruder Disc (Set 3) $20.00

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