What are Scrubs? The purpose of a body scrub is to remove the damaged and dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin and to moisturize afterwards. Granules in a body scrub can unclog dirt from the skin. Body scrubs also help tighten and tone the skin which in turn helps prevent dirt from invading the pores. There are many different types of scrubs: body, facial, foot…sugar, salt, coffee, pumice…you can create all different types of scrubs and target them to do different jobs.

Different Type Scrubs: Body Scrubs, Foot Scrubs, Facial Scrubs

Handout: This comprehensive handout explains what scrubs are as well as the different type scrubs you can make: liquid, emulsified, and solid. It introduces you to the ingredients you use in scrubs and explains why you would use them. It introduces you to the difference between body, facial, and foot scrubs. It includes twelve recipes as well as step by step instructions with pictures for liquid, emulsified, and solid scrubs.


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