FIMO EXTRUDER (23mm Extruder)

I'm always checking to see if there are Fimo Extruders available anywhere. When I find links I will post them here. I CANNOT comment on the companies as I've never ordered from them. For that you will have to take a chance, but you can look at the sites and decide if you want to order from them!


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There are a couple options for the Large Extruders. You can get a Jerky Gun. (Just search Amazon and many options will come up).  I've tried a number and what I can say is they aren't as strong as an actual Clay Extruder Tool. They work great for some things, and not as well for some (things with really small holes/opening are harder to extrude).  They are more prone to break easier. If you want an actual clay extruder (which is a bit more heavy duty and does a little better with extruding soap) then there are two options I currently know of.

  1. Blick Art
  2. I Dream in Soap

Blick art sells it for $66 (sometimes there is a promotional code for 12% off). With shipping I paid $70 for it.  Lisa, from I Dream in Soap, sells it from the UK. After the conversion rate it's approximately $48 and then add in shipping.  So, they work out roughly the same.

NOTE: Blick's top piece has a smaller opening for the disc image, which means some of my disc designs will get cut off if you try to extrude them. I have just popped the jerky gun piece onto the clay extruder (the pieces fit interchangeably).


The summer of 2021 I wanted a specific extruder disc shape but couldn't find anyone who made it. That got me thinking that I could make my own...and that was kind of the beginning of the end! Once the thought took hold I started doing research, learning a CAD program, and then experimenting once my 3D printer arrived. I have had so much fun making these discs and testing them and creating soaps with the shapes! 

I am super excited to be sharing them with you! I have so many ideas and so many discs in the works I'm playing with and testing so you can be sure more discs are coming!! Enjoy! I hope you have as much fun creating with them as I do!

NOTE: Please note that my store is currently only set up to ship within the USA. If you are outside of the states, but would like to order please email me at with what you'd like and your location and I can put together a shipping quote for you.  If you are just ordering the small discs I can likely send them in an envelope with an overseas stamp which comes in around $2 or so (so there are affordable options!)


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