Subscriptions are currently close! Next Opportunity to Subscribe:  WILL BE OPEN FOR PURCHASE May 1-5th.

Unfortunately Coupon Codes CANNOT be used with the Subscription Boxes.

Do you love to use soap embeds and soap canes in your soap, but aren't a fan of making them yourself?  I've got you covered! I love making embeds and have created two great subscription box options for you.

Every other month I will ship out a box with embed soap toppers and cans for embedding in the soap.  The subscriptions will ship on the 5th of the month following the schedule below:

  • January - Love/Winter Theme
  • March - Spring Theme
  • May - Summer Theme
  • July - Fall Theme
  • September - Winter/Holiday Theme
  • November - Surprise Theme

There will  be two box size options:

  • Standard Box $20: Includes 1-2 Sets (8 or 16 piece) of top embeds (valued at $12) and 2-6 soap canes 8" long (valued at $10)
  • Large Box $25: Includes 1-2 Sets (8 or 16 pieces) of top embeds (valued at $12), 2-4 Soap Canes 8" long, and 1-2: LARGE soap canes 8" long (valued at $15).

Please Note 1: Sometimes the combination of items might be a little different than above, but the value of items you receive will always at least equal to the subscription box price. Sometimes I have extras and I throw in some bonus items!

Please Note 2: that all canes will be made from cold process soap dough, but the topper embeds can be either cold process or melt and pour.  They will predominantly be CP, but I do make some MP ones that might occasionally be used in subscription boxes.

Shipping will be based off your location and calculated at checkout.


Subscriptions will be open ONLY on the 1st to the 5th of each subscription month.  Once you have signed up you're golden.  You will get a subscription box every other month and you WILL NOT have to resign up each month.  I will open up orders each month based on how many openings I have.  I can only make so many embeds so there will be a limit to the number of subscription boxes. 

If you decide to cancel your subscription you can do so at anytime! No hassle! Simply log into your account and you can cancel your subscription.  If you wanted to resign up in the future you would have to do so during one of the open subscription periods.

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Soap Embeds for Soap Makers (Bi-Monthly Subscription) $20.00

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