Raise your hand if you want a new soap every month!!  A unique design each month!  A different scent each month! The awesomeness of handmade soap each month!  What could be better?  Pamper yourself or a friend and subscribe to the soap of the month club.

Join the Soap of the Month club and get a fun, unique, one of a kind bar each month.  Soap of the Month subscriptions will ship on the 5th of each month.  You'll get 12 different soaps over the year.  Sometimes the scents will be from Jennifer's standard line of always popular and loved scents (but with a fun unique design not available anywhere else) and sometimes they'll be unique designs with seasonal scents!  Every month will be a new treat!

How it Works:

  • Soap of the month club is $7 a month for a unique bar plus $2.75 for shipping.  Soap of the month soaps would be individually sold for $8.50, so you're saving by subscribing. 
  • Subscriptions are filled on the 5th of each month.  So, if for example, you sign up for a subscription on June 19 you would be charged initially on June 19 for the July 5 subscription. On July 5 your order will ship (but you won't be charged).  Then on August 5 (and months following) you would be charged on the 5th of that month.
  • You have complete control over your subscription and can easily change or update it whenever you want!   

Please Note: Unfortunately coupon codes cannot be used with gift or reoccurring subscriptions.

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Soap of the Month Club $7.00

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