Pamper yourself or a friend with this quarterly subscription.  Four times a year you'll get two soaps and a bath product (and a little something extra even if it's not in the official description)!

The "Pamper Yourself Club" ships you two bars of soap and a bath product (it changes every quarter) once every three months.  You select 1 bar from Jennifer's standard stock of soaps and Jennifer selects and makes a mystery bar each month.  Bath products can include anything from lip balms, hand/foot balms, body butters, facial products, and more! 

Quarterly subscriptions are filled on the 5th of the month on the following months: March, June, September, and December.

You have complete control over your subscription and can easily change or update it whenever you want!   

Qty available: 19997 SKU: SUB-002h
Pamper Yourself Club (Quarterly Subscription) $20.00

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