Do you need a unique gift idea for a friend, coworker, or family member?  Then checkout this 6 month soap of the month club subscription.

Once a month for six months a fun, unique, one of a kind bar of soap (plus a little something extra) will ship out to your recipient of choice.  Sometimes the scents will be from Jennifer's standard line of always popular and loved scents (with a new and unique design) and sometimes they'll be unique designs with seasonal scents!

You will pay an upfront one time payment and then Jennifer will make sure your soaps get delivered each month to your gift recipient! Want to include a little note with your first subscription just let Jennifer know what you want it to say and she'll make sure a cute note card accompanies the soap.

Shipping costs for the 6 month gift subscription is $7.50. This covers 3 months of shipping and you then receive the next three months free. (Again, this is all charged upfront--one and done!)

Qty available: 19917 SKU: SUB-005
6 Month Gift Subscription: Soap of the Month Club $52.00

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