This is a great gentle and all natural facial scrub for sensitive skin. This natural, exfoliating facial scrub contains goat milk and colloidal oatmeal known for their skin soothing and nourishing properties. Baking soda is added for it's cleansing properties. Apricot kernel meal and finely ground calendula petals help to gently exfoliate skin. It is unscented.

Ingredients: Goat’s Milk Powder, Colloidal oatmeal, Baking Soda, Apricot Kernel Meal, Calendula Petals

Directions: Remove small amount of scrub (approx. 1 tsp) and mix with just enough water, honey, or favorite carrier oil (approx. 1 tbsp) to form a paste. Apply to skin in circular motion for up to one minute. Rinse with water.

Size: 1.2 oz (small) / 3.0 oz (large)
Approx. total weight: 3 oz.

Qty available: 1 SKU: B035-01
Calendula & Goat's Milk Facial Scrub $10.50

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